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Mount Waverley Dental can assist with all general dental enquiries and treatments, including gum disease, root canal treatment, getting specially made dentures and more. Our experienced dental surgeons and staff will help you get your teeth and mouth back to optimal health – simply make an appointment with Mount Waverley Dental today.


Dentures are also known as false teeth. They are removable, and are used to replace missing teeth. There are many different types of dentures. You and your dentist will decide which is best for you. Getting dentures custom made typically requires you to attend anywhere from 4 to 6 appointments.

Once they are made and fitted to your specifications, you then need to get them adjusted every so often. As your gums change from the removal of the tooth/teeth, a denture may become lose and not fit as well, so at this time you may require a re-line (i.e. when the denture gets refitted to your mouth) or new denture altogether.

We are also able to offer a minimally invasive surgical procedure for lower denture stabilisation with mini implants.

Gum Disease – Periodontics

Also known as periodontal disease, this condition affects the gums and surrounding structures. If left untreated, gum disease may result in tooth loss when there is no longer enough bone supporting the teeth. Regular professional hygiene visits and a good oral hygiene routine at home can help to improve your gum health. Mount Waverley Dental offers periodontic services that can help manage or prevent the onset of gum disease. If further treatment is required, the dentists work closely with a team of periodontists that can stabilise your condition and help you maintain your teeth for life.

Root Canal Treatment

This procedure aims to save a tooth that has been badly damaged through decay, disease or injury. Most people prefer to save their own tooth as it tends to function better than a false tooth. Occasionally root canal treatment is not appropriate and extraction may be the best or only option. Root canal treatment is normally done over 2 or 3 visits.

Local anaesthetic is used to block pain and a rubber sheet (rubber dam) is used to isolate the tooth. All the damaged tooth structure is removed. Each canal is cleaned and enlarged then filled. X-rays of the root canal are taken during each visit. There may be slight discomfort following each visit that can be managed with analgesics.

Usually, a root filled tooth will have an increased risk of fracture without the protection of a crown. Due to the complex nature of the treatment there are some risks involved. Please contact Mount Waverley Dental for more information about root canal surgery. Some teeth may become re-infected and may require the attention of an endodontist. In these cases you will be referred to a specialist to manage your tooth.

White Fillings

White fillings are also known as composite fillings and offer an alternative to the older style silver coloured amalgam fillings. Once the filling has been completed, your dentist will trim and polish the filling to ensure it fits your bite. Composite fillings require less tooth preparation, which means you maintain more of your own tooth. They also look better as they are less obvious.


Common causes of dental pain can include:

  • Cavities
  • Cracked teeth
  • Impacted teeth
  • New teeth erupting
  • Infection
  • Gum disease
  • Exposure of the tooth root and
  • Jaw joint disorders

Having a thorough dental examination with x-rays can help to determine where the cause of the pain is, and allow us to manage it effectively for you.

If you are experiencing pain, or require any form of general dental treatment, please contact us at Mount Waverley Dental or call us on 9808 1108 and we will be more than happy to see you as soon as possible.